The first Tabieorar festival was held at Ogere, on the 22nd of August 1937, during which Late Prophet S.Ola Diya became the first warden to be annointed as Prophet. Before that occasion, the Late Primate and Founder- Dr.Ositelu, heard a voice in a revelation that he should proceed to a place which will later be named-Mount Tabieorar, but pronounced and sometimes written: "TABBORRAH", TABORAH, TABORA

The name MOUNT TABIEORAR came during a few days of the first retreat. The name was revealed by God unto OSITELU in a vision, and pronounced to him. The name according to the revelation stands for: the mountain of power, victory, and blessings; the mount from where the holy spirit will be disseminated upon all and sundry from all the remotest part of the world. He was directed not to take discple S.Ola Diya with him; and settle down there for thirteen days to fast and pray. The lord revealed that they should on the thirteenth day receive the public, and reveal all revelations and messages sent from HIM to them.

The Tabieorar festival is celebrated every year on the 22nd of August, but the festivities itself is a period of thirteen days during which all members of the Church fastand pray to God. People all over the world always attend the festival yearly. The Tabieorar festival is not only popular today, but it has become universally essential for all members of the Church.

The Mount Tabieorar is a hly mount of God where the children of God come up each year to receive blessing from the Lord. It can be comparedto Shiloh In Isreal where people went annually for prayers and for making sacrifices unto the Lord God Almighty (1 Samuel 1:19-20); and compared with Mount of Camel where God revealed Himself as the supreme God over other gods (1 Kings 18:20-40); and likened unto the Mountain of Bashan, which God desires for His abode, where the Lord will reside forever (Psalm 68:15-18).

There are testimonies galore on what God has done in lives of people who called on Him at the Mount Tabieorar. Many barren women have been blessed with children. Many who have considered their cases as hopeless have had cause to thank God for his goodness.

The Tabborrah festival has become a festival for all today. It is being attended nowadays by millions of people from all denominations.