About WOMEN {Church of the Lord (Prayer Fellowship) Worldwide}

The Church of the Lord (Prayer Fellowship) in all its activities always inquire of the Lord, listen to what the Holy Spirit says and do what HE says. To God be the glory (Hallelujah)! According to the Founder and First Primate of the Church – Prophet Dr. Josiah Ositelu, God told him from the beginning of his ministry that HE (God) has called both men and women into his ministry and should therefore not refuse or reject female disciples. Ministerial hierarchy in the Church therefore have men and women at parity. Both women Ministers and Laities are actively involved in the activities of all the diverse ministries and councils.

For examples women are members of:

==> The Supreme Council of Prelates (SCP)
==> The Primate in Council (PIC)
==> Board of Trustees (BoT)
==> Provincial Executive Council (PEC)
==> Ministers’ Consultative Council (MCC)
==> Elders’ Governing Council (EGC)
==> Council of Reverends (CoR)
==> Council of Pastors (CoP)
==> Council of Evangelists (CoE)
==> Council of Deaconesses &s; Exemplary Elders (CoDEE) Female

While women solely belong to:

==> Mothers’ Union of the Church of the Lord - (Prayer Fellowship) Wordwide (MUCLPFW)
==> Council of Deaconesses (CoD)
==> Ministers’ Wives Association (MWA)
==> Ladies Praying Union Band (LPUB)

There are also female members of the:

==> Prophetic Ministry (PM)
==> Teaching Ministry (TM)
==> Evangelical Ministry (EM)
==> Youth Ministry (YM)
==> Social Ministry (SM)
==> Music &s; Drama Ministry (MDM)
==> Vocational Ministry (VM)
==> Children Ministry (CM)